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About me


Elliot Göthe

My name is Elliot Göthe. I am a 24 year old Professional Golf Player from Stockholm, Sweden.

My greatest passion in life is golf and and it has been for as long as I can remember. In my early  years I tried a lot of different sports, football, karate and ice-hockey, but it came clear to me that my interest for golf was so much more. I realized that I am not only interested in golf as a sport, I am interested in everything that has to do with golf. But I am glad I tried different sports, it has really made my evaluate sports both as an individual player as a team player.


 I joined the Golf gymnasium when I was 15 and after graduation I moved to Charleston  and Charleston Southern University. There I mixed buisiness studies with playing some of the best courses on the east coast. After graduating as Srixon All American and nominated as MVP I was well prepared for my next step on my life journey as a golf player

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