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As a lot of people know, Golf is a very expensive sport. It's not only the equipment, but also costs that occur through coaches, traveling, hospitality, and much more. Without any help it wouldn't be possible for me to still play competitively. Therefore, this page is to show my appreciation towards the people that are supporting me every day during my career. Without these people listed, I would not be able to go after my dreams.

Would you like to be a part of my team?

A big THANK YOU goes out to:


Andreas Göthe - Father

No matter what I was doing my dad was always there for me and was leading me through out my golf career. Without him, I would not have been able to live the life I'm living today. He introduced me to golf, takes all the decisions with me, is my biggest advisor and will always be my right hand. In addition to all of that, he is the head of the media team for Telia in Stockholm, Sweden. 


Oliver Göthe - Brother

Oliver has not only been a great brother, but he is also a great Golf Player and was able to motivate me throughout my golf career. He is currently on the golf team at Weber State University in Utah. No matter if pictures or videos, he is one of the best editors besides my dad that I can think of. He created and edited my videos which you can check out in my gallery or on my instagram page. 


Elo Göthe - Mother

She has not been only a really great mother, but also one of my biggest inspirations. I always admired her career path and the strong desire of getting better every day. She is currently residing on the other side of the world in Singapore where she is leading the marketing team at one of the countries telecom companies. Growing up, she was always by my side, supporting me in whatever I wanted to do. Through her work and her mentality of continuously striving to do more, she is one of my biggest sources of inspiration to become a little bit better every day.  

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